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Huntsville Mayoral Election - Brother Mac Woodward

Brother Mac Woodward is the new mayor of Huntsville!

The final numbers are in. Congratulations Mac!

Early voting results: Mac Woodward 921, Karl Davidson 212, and George Russell 75.

Final: Woodward 2220, Davidson at 539 and Russell at 199.

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SHSU hits another enrollment record

Sam Houston State University’s enrollment continues to grow and break records, with campus officials estimating that about 17,618 students are attending SHSU this fall.

That number accounts for a 2 percent growth over last fall, when enrollment was 17,214…

Read the entire article at The Huntsville Item.

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ATO Zeta Mu Bid Day Fall 2011

Sweetheart Karon Crouch shared this short video with us from yesterday’s Bid Day festivities. Ruh Rah!

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Want to Build a Better World? Go Greek

For all the negative press about fraternities and sororities, no one else does as much as they do to raise awareness about issues that matter,” says T.J. Sullivan, a nationally prominent campus speaker. “No other community on a campus comes close in learning about issues.”

As I travel the country speaking to student leaders about stereotypes,” he says, “I find a great number of students who, with their national organizations, are pressing for a return to the true mission of fraternal organizations — those being service and philanthropy, academic excellence and being good stewards to the campus community.”

Like it or not, the college Greek system is not going away. But there is far more there to like than some may want to admit. A student affairs administrator told me recently that for all the growing pains that he associated with Greek life, members tend to have higher grade point averages, higher graduation rates, higher starting salaries than their less-connected counterparts, more enduring college friendships and a higher rate of giving to their alma maters.

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Lost Brothers Newly Found! - July 2011

1 Lost Brother has been found so far this month! Go to the Lost Brothers page to see who’s still lost.

  1. George C. Cheairs Jr. - “Butch” - Class of 1967
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Brother Lash LaRue's Street Fighter Skateboard

The graphics (artwork by Danny Davis) for Brother Lash LaRue’s (ZM class of ‘79) Embassy skateboards are DONE. This deck is a tribute to all the Armed forces out there. Lash LaRue was part of the 80’s ZORLAC street crew. He’s our EMBASSY Street Fighter, He’s a commando, A sniper, part the 101st Airborne, an all round hero and skater. 100% skateboarder for LIFE, CONGRATS LASH!


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Hell Yeah, I Like Beer

Brother JJ Perry makes his debut in Kevin Fowler’s latest Music Video!

Look for JJ at 2:57 and 3:18 in the video!

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The Fraternity and The College

43 Thomas Arkle ClarkI recently stumbled across an online copy of ATO Thomas Arkle Clark’s book The Fraternity and The College. The book is a collection of essays and papers written by Clark on the topic of Fraternity Problems. I’ve only had time to skim a few pages, but, I wouldn’t be surprised if Clark’s 1917 text provides a few insights for today’s men.

I also found a TIME magzine article from 1931 which illustrates a side of Thomas Arkle Clark which was never covered in my propylon. Enjoy.

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Summer 2011 issue of the ATO Palm

The Summer 2011 issue of the ATO Palm is now in the process of being shipped to subscribers. If you are not a subscriber or if you can’t wait for your copy to arrive in the mail, you can view the Palm online.

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Midway, Texas (Walker County) Wildfire

There is an active wildfire burning near Midway (Walker County)… about 14 miles northwest of the ATO lodge in Huntsville. To keep up with the latest developments on this fire and others in the State of Texas, go to the Texas Forrest Service Daily Wildfire Situation page which contains links, info and a plugin for viewing the Wild Fire activity on Google Earth .