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Awaken Honduras | life & education among the trash

Matt DeWolf (ATO National) made a post on his Facebook page about “An ATO working to tell an amazing story.” ATO JJ Star is seeking help to make a documentary film “Awaken Honduras | life & education among the trash.” Check out the project’s kickstarter page for more information.

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SHSU Night at Minute Maid Park: Astros vs. Texas Rangers

SHSU Night @ Minute Maid Park: Astros vs. Texas Rangers, on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 hosted by the SHSU Alumni Office. The event is open to everyone - current students, prospective students, parents faculty, staff, alumni, and friends! Ticket information.


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RIP “Quantity vs. Quality” Recruitment Myth

From the Sigma Nu Fraternity HQ blog:

ESPN reported today that Butler’s men’s basketball team earned top honors among this year’s Final Four contenders:

On Tuesday, the NCAA released its list of academic overachievers, and Butler was the only team among those that reached this year’s championship round in Division I football, men’s basketball or women’s basketball.

Butler head coach and class act Brad Stevens (an Alpha Tau Omega) explained why excelling in the classroom is merely a basic expectation:

“To be real candid, that’s an expectation of mine, so we’re not going to do cartwheels or shoot fireworks because this is something we achieved,” coach Brad Stevens said after the release. “That’s an expectation and that’s what we’re going to strive to do. I’m proud of our guys, but they came to Butler to do well in the classroom, on the court and in the community, and that’s what we expect.

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The Brothers Gather

The Brothers Gather” painting by Duffer, presented to Brother George Yax at the 2011 Zeta Mu ATO Reunion.

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Medina Reunion Weather

The weather in Medina is looking good for the reunion. Historically, the normal temperature in Medina for April 1st is a high of 76° and a low of 46° and it looks like this year’s weather will be a bit warmer than typical.


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Texas Zeta Mu Composite Archival Project

Back about 10 years ago I started a project to gather, scan and archive all of the Zeta Mu ATO Composites that I could lay my hands on. For a number of years this project has been neglected. I’ve recently shaken off the cobwebs (literally), scanned the composites that I have and enlisted the help of 1980’s Little Sister Jeana Rogers to work some digital restoration magic.

Below is a list of composites that we have scanned (the ones with an entry in the “Original” column). If you have a composite from another year, or one that may be in better shape than the one we have, please bring it to the reunion.

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How to Live to be 100+

Your friends are long-term adventures, and therefore, perhaps the most significant thing you can do to add years to your life and life to your years.” - Dan Buettner, TED 2009

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Return to Sender - Unable to Forward

In February we mailed 170 letters to brothers for whom we have no email address. Letters to the following men have been returned by the post office with no known forwarding address:

  1. H.W. Sewell - Dons
  2. William Timothy Long - “Tim” - Initiated 1967
  3. Rick L. Bishop - Initiated 1976
  4. Stuart Duane Smith - Initiated 1976
  5. Byron P. Patterson - Initiated 1986
  6. Michael David Myers - Initiated 1988
  7. John W. Knight - Initiated 1989
  8. Steven R Droddy - Initiated 1995
  9. John D. Youngblood - Initiated 1995
  10. Andrew Paul Mitchell - Initiated 1995

If you know how to reach any of these brothers, please contact them, let them know about the reunion and get updated contact information for our records. We could also use help locating any of the brothers on the Lost Brothers list.

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Lost Brothers Newly Found! - March 2011

42 Lost Brothers have been found so far this month! Go to the Lost Brothers page to see who’s still lost.

  1. James Saegert - “Jim” - Class of 1960
  2. Claudie A. Wright - Class of 1961
  3. John R. Williford - Class of 1962
  4. John W. Wolf - “JW” - Class of 1962
  5. Charles Septumus Longcope - Class of 1963
  6. Michael H. McCarty - “Mike”
  7. Kenneth Michael Knox (formerly Reichenbach) - “Mike” - Class of 1965
  8. Stephen M. Scheurer - Class of 1967
  9. Charles H. Bang Jr. - “Chuck” - Class of 1968
  10. William E. Rioux - “Billy” - Class of 1968
  11. Raymond William Krause - Class of 1970
  12. Rick A. Mensik - Class of 1970
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2010 ZM ATO Reunion Slideshow

Cynthia Davis, brother Mike Davis’ better half, has put together a slideshow overview of the 2010 reunion of the Zeta Mu chapter of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. As those of you who have attended in past years know, The Zeta Mu ATO Alumni Weekend is a special time of remembrance, laughter, great food and cheer, all in brother Yax’s magnificent Texas Hill Country backyard. If you missed the 2010 gathering, don’t let another year pass you by - Be Part of It!

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