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ZMAA Recruitment Flyer (To be Debuted at Career Day)

This is the newly created flyer I would like to hand out to future members of the Alumni Association. Let me know what you think.

L&R, Matt Riedel

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ZM Alumni Association Information

I’m working on creating a trifold to hand out to recent graduates and alumni who show up to different events, (homecoming, founders day, career day) but have yet to join the association. Basically I’m searching for the correct wording in the mission statement and any other interesting facts that may stir up some interest and recruit those who may be on the fence. Anything will help. It’s much easier for people to remember how to join when they have the information in hand.


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Brother Overseas

This is a video of Jonathan Crane and the things he is doing overseas. He comes in at about the 4 minute mark.

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New Alumni

I have been trying to recruit new (within the past 5 years) alumni to the association, but I have little information to offer them other than the dates of which Medina will be this year and the approximate cost I have been quoted by various older alum. I refer them to the website every time I talk/see them, but I assume they either forget to check the website or when they do write it down it gets lost throughout the night.

Favorite Quotes

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Genius without education is like silver in the mine.

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