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Anyone hiring?

Hello Brothers,

I have finally graduated and am now looking for full time employment. I have been working at the gun store up in Huntsville for the past couple of months but am looking to move on to greener pastures. If anyone knows of any positions that may be available or know anyone who is looking to hire a recent college graduate I would very much appreciate the help of my brothers and my fellow alumni to help me find a steady job where I can get some entry level experience.

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Alabama Tornado Crisis, Help Needed

I got an email from Bruce Evans wanting to make sure everyone underdstood he was not affected by the storm and the community he lives in had very little damage. At the same time Brother Evans indicated there was a lot of need for assistance in Alabama. Brother Evans is involved in relief efforts and the MedMission suggestion is a good way to help. If interested please follow the instructions below.

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ZMAA Recruitment Flyer (To be Debuted at Career Day)

This is the newly created flyer I would like to hand out to future members of the Alumni Association. Let me know what you think.

L&R, Matt Riedel

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ZM Alumni Association Information

I’m working on creating a trifold to hand out to recent graduates and alumni who show up to different events, (homecoming, founders day, career day) but have yet to join the association. Basically I’m searching for the correct wording in the mission statement and any other interesting facts that may stir up some interest and recruit those who may be on the fence. Anything will help. It’s much easier for people to remember how to join when they have the information in hand.


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Zeta Mu ATO Alumni Association

This is the online home of the Texas Zeta Mu ATO Alumni Association (Sam Houston State University, Huntsville). We have an online database of alumni contact information, chapter & alumni news, events, reference materials and more.

We’re putting out a call for volunteers to assist in making this site more useful to our brothers. Can you help? We need:

  • Brothers to create ‘how to’ articles and screencasts
  • graphics talent
  • help updating the alumni contact list
  • volunteers to write short articles of interest to the other brothers
  • photographers to upload photos
  • photo editors
  • event editor
  • people to buy drinks for the web team

Most of these roles do not require any special skills. For example, if you can call a “lost” brother and gather information to update the contact list, we need you! If you are willing and able to help Zeta Mu grow its online presence, please sign up for an account. If you have any questions, please use the contact form to send feedback or call David Matocha at (281) 201-4470.

Join the Zeta Mu ATO Alumni Association

The Zeta Mu ATO Alumni need more Brothers to become partners in our ATO Alumni Association. Currently the paying membership is about sixty-five individuals out of a potential of over six hundred members.

The dues that are collected are used to help support the active chapter, to improve alumni communications to keeping our brothers up-to-date on the active chapter, alumni news and events.

Can we count on your support?

2011 Annual dues are $50, payable to:

ATO ZM Alumni Association

c/o Pete Kucera

307 Bryan Street

Boling, Texas 77420-9810

Please send your check today!

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Donations to the Alpha Tau Omega Foundation are Tax Deductible

Under current IRS regulations your contributions to the active Z M Chapter at Sam Houston State, or to our Z M Alumni Association are not allowable deductions. I suggest that if you are seeking a tax deduction, that you consider a gift to the ATO Foundation, for the benefit of the active Zeta Mu Chapter. The Foundation maintains an account for the benefit of the Z M Chapter. Funds from that account helped send three members of the chapter to LeaderShape 2010 this year. The Chapter’s access to these funds requires approval of the Chapter BOT.

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Fellowship, Fraternity and Football!

Since June 21st marks the beginning of Summer, it is time for us all to look forward to Fall 2010. I ask that you mark your calendar for several upcoming dates:

Saturday, October 16th is HOMECOMING at Sam Houston State.

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