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Toppled Tree

82 Last nights strong winds toppled a pine tree into the parking lot of the ATO lodge in Huntsville. That was the only tree that fell in the area. Luckily the tree missed brother Juan Luis Macias’ truck which was parked in the next parking spot. No damage was done to the lodge!

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Brothers for Life

As I sit in my apartment packing up the last of my stuff, getting ready for the last few days before I ship out to boot camp. I realize how real these past four years with my brothers have been. As though it was only yesterday that I received my bid and did my first Ruh Rah Rega in the Pit all the while wondering was this the right choice for me. I realized a few weeks later that not only was ATO the right place, but that I gained a family. Brothers that in my time of need, have come to help me no matter how far or whatever the case may be.

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Drew Pollard - Outstanding Mass Media Sales Senior


Brother Drew Pollard (Class of 2012) was named Sam Houston State’s ‘Outstanding Mass Media Sales Senior’ for 2012. Congratulations Drew!

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Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act of 2011


Alpha Tau Omega National CEO Wynn Smiley & Brother Diego Garcia are at the NIC Annual Meeting in Washington DC and are promoting the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA) on the Hill. The purpose of this Bill is to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide for collegiate housing and infrastructure grants. Review the Bill, and if you are in agreement, contact your Representative and Senators to let them know your opinon on the bill.

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2012 ATO ZM Reunion - Put-up or Shut-up Time

OK guys, it’s put-up or shut-up time! Over 70 brothers have already registered to attend the 2012 ATO ZM Reunion in Medina next weekend. As of Friday morning, there are 7 open slots and 1 day left for registration. If you, or a brother you know, want to attend, you need to get your online registration completed by noon on Saturday, March 24, 2012.


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Robert "Spock" Hurst needs your prayers

Gentlemen, a call to prayer.

Roy “Bird” Harper recently spoke to Brother Hurst and requested that we remember him in prayer. Spock has been undergoing tests for some medical problems and is scheduled to get the results this coming Wednesday. It could be serious and he and Betsy are concerned. Please pray for healing, peace and strength for them as I know you are always faithful to do.

If you want to contact him, he can be reached on his cell at (214) 908-4768 or by email at

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Swearing-in Ceremony for Mayor Mac Woodward

The ‘swearing-in’ ceremony for Brother Mac Woodward as the new mayor of Huntsville, Texas will be held Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. at the Huntsville City Hall, 1212 Avenue M. Huntsville, Texas.

There will also be a Reception at 5:00 p.m., prior to the ceremony. Brothers are encouraged to attend.

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Huntsville Mayoral Election - Brother Mac Woodward

Brother Mac Woodward is the new mayor of Huntsville!

The final numbers are in. Congratulations Mac!

Early voting results: Mac Woodward 921, Karl Davidson 212, and George Russell 75.

Final: Woodward 2220, Davidson at 539 and Russell at 199.

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The passing of Dr. Edward D. Johnson

I sit here tonight with a heavy heart as I write this message. Yesterday Brothers Eddie (Magic) Johnson Zeta Mu and Jim Johnson Gamma Eta (University of Texas) lost their father Dr. Edward D. Johnson (also an ATO from the University of Texas).

For those that do not know, Dr. Johnson was instrumental in keeping the Zeta Mu chapter together in the early 1980’s. After we lost the house on 16th and Ave J, a Limited Partnership was formed with Dr. Johnson being the General Partner and a group of other ZM Brother’s being the Minor Partner’s. The partnership then purchased a couple of houses on 15th and Ave I so that we would have a place to call our own.

There will be a Memorial Service for Dr. Edward D. Johnson at 11:00 this Saturday at Chapelwood United Methodist Church in Houston.

Please keep Eddie, Jim and their sister Diane in your thoughts and prayers as they have now lost both of their parents this year. As any further details come to me I will post them.



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Mac Woodward files for Mayor of Huntsville

Brother Mac Woodward has filed to run for the Mayor’s Office in the upcoming City election after incumbent Turner has decided not to seek another term. It would take an idiot to run against such a distinguished gentleman as Mac and local slum lord / Village Nut, George Russell, has filed to be an also ran. Let us know what we can do to help Brother Mac.

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