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Reunion Silent Auction sticky icon

Don’t forget to bring Auction Items to the Reunion. We need to replenish the Scholarship Fund. I will be providing one of my sister’s cookbooks (Green Beans & Guacamole) as an auction item. If anyone would like to purchase one, please let me know and I will bring extras. $50 check to “Friends for Good”.

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BrackeTAUlogy Fundraiser


Brothers, the active members of the Zeta Mu Chapter are currently holding a March Madness fundraiser for the spring semester. Each entry form is $5 and earns you an to fill out a bracket for the March basketball tournament that begins March 21th.

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Passing of Brother Bill Philleaux

Fellow ATOs…

Well… The news finally arrived. We all knew this email would be coming someday, but always wanted it to arrive much later than sooner. We have lost our Brother Bill Philleaux, the first president of our beloved Dons Social Club, and one of the primary factors in getting the club established at Sam Houston. His wife, Ann, has described the last few hours in her email below. Having learned of what Bill was going through, and the pain that he was enduring, as crude as it may sound, he is probably better off and will no longer have to deal with all those pains, for he is in the hands of the good Lord.

Obviously plans for his services have not been announced, but as soon as I learn of them I will pass them along.

Love & respect to one and all,


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Mike Davis Thank You


As many of you know, Brother Mike Davis’ father, Norman Davis, passed away recently. Brother Joe Smith conducted the service and I am assured he did a wonderful job, as always. Alpha Tau Omega sent flowers to the service in support of Mike, Cynthia and their family. Following is the text of a thank you note from Mike:


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Brother Bo Robert's Health

I thought that everyone would want to see what Susie has written as it explains, in detail a lot of things that are happening with my physical life. I have been frustrated and am regularly using a cane when out of the house as I never know when I will have an episode which makes it difficult to walk.

The good news is that it appears that there is a less likely chance I have MSA. Bo

Greetings Everyone:

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AW Radle Heart Surgery

Well, guys…..

That phone call that I’ve been waiting for finally came in… !!! My buddy down at the VA just called and informed me that next Tuesday (August 24th) I am to be there at 5:00 AM, prepared to have my heart surgery done. Dr. Chu will be repairing the aneurysm in my aorta as well as replacing my aortic valve.

VA Medical Center
2002 Holcombe Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77030
Phone: 713-791-1414

I will have my cell phone with me: 281-467-8499

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