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Career Day!


Career day is upon us. This Saturday at noon, as previously posted.

If you will be attending, please let I or Sean Kelley know so we know how much food to cook or buy.

Looking foward to seeing you all out!

Love and Respect,

Adam Howell

ath007 [at] shsu [dot] edu

832 444 2269

Homecoming Game


The anual Homecoming Football game will be on October 20th at 7pm at Bowers Stadium. Tailgaiting fesivities will begin around 4pm in the usual parking lot at the stadium.

Of course there will be good BBQ, ribs, hamburgers, or all of the above.

Looking forward to see all of you out!

Love and Respect,

Adam Howell

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All Clear!

Without going into detailed specifics the doctor has given me the “all clear!” sign. No more chemotherapy required. No more surgery required. The pathologist sent 36 slides of the tumor to the Mayo Clinic because of its rarity to confirm the findings. Bottom line: your prayers and positive thoughts worked! Thank you, my Brothers. I am forever in your debt for the Love and Respect that you have shown my family and me since this was first diagnosed last November. I look forward to seeing all of you soon and sharing our Brotherhood! God bless all of you!

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Robert "Spock" Hurst needs your prayers

Gentlemen, a call to prayer.

Roy “Bird” Harper recently spoke to Brother Hurst and requested that we remember him in prayer. Spock has been undergoing tests for some medical problems and is scheduled to get the results this coming Wednesday. It could be serious and he and Betsy are concerned. Please pray for healing, peace and strength for them as I know you are always faithful to do.

If you want to contact him, he can be reached on his cell at (214) 908-4768 or by email at

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Leaders on Campus

As all of you know ATO is the National leadership Fraternity and in such I would like to share some warming news about the chapters current members who have excelled to great heights this year showing how much they are being noticed by the university. The Order of Omega which as you know represents the top 10% of the Greek community has invited several brothers into this years initiation class. Those brothers include, Jake McGee, Sean Kelley, James Gutowsky, and Shane Rankin. Most of which also received the ATO Scholarship. The initiation ceremony will be on October 30th at 5 p.m.

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Vote for your Bro!

I have as of today I have become a Deputy Voter Registrar for Walker County. I have already gotten over 50 students to register to vote for the November elections here in Huntsville. I have taken the task upon myself to ensure that brother Woodward has the most support possible from the student body here at SHSU. I am also in the process of getting a booth set up on campus Monday morning-afternoon to persuade the student body to become registered voters. I am setting a personal goal of getting 200 able body voters registered by this Tuesday Oct. 11.

Vote for Brother Woodward!

Love and respect,
Shane Rankin

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Roland Adamson's Mother

Rick…would you please put this on-line to the brothers…I spoke this morning to roland who said that they have called in hospice services for his mother, who was diagnosed last week with bone cancer and is not at all doing well…they were unaware that she had it…she is in kruse village in Brenham…please remember that family in your prayers…love and respect, bird

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Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost.

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