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Trying to find the original? Anyone know where it is?

The Medina Re-chartering composite. 2002-2003 Founding Fathers! Anyone know where it is?

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Medina Reunion Weather

The weather in Medina is looking good for the reunion. Historically, the normal temperature in Medina for April 1st is a high of 76° and a low of 46° and it looks like this year’s weather will be a bit warmer than typical.


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New Alumni

I have been trying to recruit new (within the past 5 years) alumni to the association, but I have little information to offer them other than the dates of which Medina will be this year and the approximate cost I have been quoted by various older alum. I refer them to the website every time I talk/see them, but I assume they either forget to check the website or when they do write it down it gets lost throughout the night.

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