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All Clear!

Without going into detailed specifics the doctor has given me the “all clear!” sign. No more chemotherapy required. No more surgery required. The pathologist sent 36 slides of the tumor to the Mayo Clinic because of its rarity to confirm the findings. Bottom line: your prayers and positive thoughts worked! Thank you, my Brothers. I am forever in your debt for the Love and Respect that you have shown my family and me since this was first diagnosed last November. I look forward to seeing all of you soon and sharing our Brotherhood! God bless all of you!

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UPDATE: It's Not Lymphoma!

Brothers: your prayers and positive thoughts worked! The biopsy results came back and I do not have lymphoma! I have thymoma. From what I understand (so far) this is a tumor of the thalmus gland. I am meeting with an oncologist later today to discuss options for its removal. I’m not out of the woods yet but things are looking much more positive! God bless all of you for your prayers, positive thoughts and words of encouragement over the past few weeks! I will update again after I meet with the next doctor. L&R

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Brotherhood in Action

Over the past couple of weeks I have once again experienced our Brotherhood in action firsthand. As many of you may now know, I am scheduled for a biopsy on Tuesday, December 20 at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. I have a mass (8cm x 5cm) located near the left side of my heart. The doctors believe it’s lymphoma but the biopsy will confirm or negate that diagnosis. I never thought I’d be facing something like this. Since the initial diagnosis, I have spoken by phone with several of you who have given me the strength and courage to face what’s coming, as well as emails. I appreciate your outpouring of Brotherly love and concern more than you’ll ever know. As soon as I can update everyone on my diagnosis, I will do so. In the meantime, I appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts.

Love & respect to my ATO Brothers.

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Robert "Spock" Hurst needs your prayers

Gentlemen, a call to prayer.

Roy “Bird” Harper recently spoke to Brother Hurst and requested that we remember him in prayer. Spock has been undergoing tests for some medical problems and is scheduled to get the results this coming Wednesday. It could be serious and he and Betsy are concerned. Please pray for healing, peace and strength for them as I know you are always faithful to do.

If you want to contact him, he can be reached on his cell at (214) 908-4768 or by email at

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Brother Bo Robert's Health

I thought that everyone would want to see what Susie has written as it explains, in detail a lot of things that are happening with my physical life. I have been frustrated and am regularly using a cane when out of the house as I never know when I will have an episode which makes it difficult to walk.

The good news is that it appears that there is a less likely chance I have MSA. Bo

Greetings Everyone:

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A.W. Radle in VA hospital

I just got off the phone with A. W. Radle. He is in VA hospital and has been there since last Saturday. He had an infection developed in the surgical area under his arm in which he has had a drain in place for over a couple months while it was healing. Long story short, our brother needs our prayers. He expects to get out of the hospital in the next couple days, if all goes well. He is on the 5B wing and his direct line is (713) 794-8789. As soon as he is able, he is supposed to start his interferon shots for the melanoma he had the surgery for. Please help me get the word out.


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Roland Adamson's Mother

Rick…would you please put this on-line to the brothers…I spoke this morning to roland who said that they have called in hospice services for his mother, who was diagnosed last week with bone cancer and is not at all doing well…they were unaware that she had it…she is in kruse village in Brenham…please remember that family in your prayers…love and respect, bird

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Loss of Orin Covell

I am in shock this morning, word is just getting out that Orin Covell passed away last night perhaps to a stroke or heart attack.

Below is the information that I have received,

Love & Respect,


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