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All Clear!

Without going into detailed specifics the doctor has given me the “all clear!” sign. No more chemotherapy required. No more surgery required. The pathologist sent 36 slides of the tumor to the Mayo Clinic because of its rarity to confirm the findings. Bottom line: your prayers and positive thoughts worked! Thank you, my Brothers. I am forever in your debt for the Love and Respect that you have shown my family and me since this was first diagnosed last November. I look forward to seeing all of you soon and sharing our Brotherhood! God bless all of you!

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Robert 'Spock' Hurst Scheduled for Surgery on Thursday, April 12

Dr. Pool is ready to do my surgery Thursday morning (April 12). He was the “decider” about whether there would be more chemotherapy or not, and whether the CT Scan showed that the tumor could be removed. He is confident on both points.

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Brother AW Radle Back in VA Hospital

I had to return to my favorite VA yesterday - was admitted and the docs just came by about 8:30 and informed me that they were taking me back to surgery this morning. My room phone is: 713-794-8928. Will be in touch later.

L&R, A W

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A.W. Radle in VA hospital

I just got off the phone with A. W. Radle. He is in VA hospital and has been there since last Saturday. He had an infection developed in the surgical area under his arm in which he has had a drain in place for over a couple months while it was healing. Long story short, our brother needs our prayers. He expects to get out of the hospital in the next couple days, if all goes well. He is on the 5B wing and his direct line is (713) 794-8789. As soon as he is able, he is supposed to start his interferon shots for the melanoma he had the surgery for. Please help me get the word out.


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Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

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