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Zeta Mu ATO - Chapter Eternal

Below is a list of Zeta Mu ATO Alumni who have passed on. If you know of any deceased brothers who are missing from this list, please let us know by sending the info to:

First Name Middle Name Last Name Nick Name Class ofsort icon
A. Paul Adams
Al Martin Bailey
Gregg Winfield Barnes
Thomas G Barnhill
James R. Barton
Joel E. Bass
William L Boettcher
Terry Wall Brady
George W. Briggs Bill
Ronald Hudgins Caldwell
Don L Carden
Thomas Rufus Childress Tommy
John Paul Cleveland
Thomas Frank Cloud
Jim Cook
Troy W. Cooper
Orin Nelson Covell O
Allen Davis
Billy J. Davis
Jon L. Derouen Teddy Bear
Mike H. Dixon
Richard Leonard Dixon
Frank Q Dobbs
Dale M. Dow
Charles T. Edmundson
Stephan Elijah Enloe
Lunn R. Evans
William B. Gernand Bill
James E. Gilmore
Ralph C. Goodman
Phil C. Gratehouse
Newton Gresham
Stephen F Grillot
Harold David Harris
Ray P Hodges Pat
Ronald F. Hollas Hot Lips
Jerry W. Hooper Hoop
Fred Curtis Hopper
Milton D. Huettel
John K. Hunter
Joe Jaramillo
Raymond C. Jefferson
Robert O Jenkines
Thomas E Jensen
Harry Joseph Johnson
Wayne A. Jones Deacon
John T. Keller
Charles Robert Kerr Bobby
Dale Allen King
Charles H. Klyng
Will Knight
Donald L. Laningham
Jerry D. Lee
Terrence Kenneth Lee Terry
Bruce Allen Lee
Marvin Lyn Long Lyn
Douglas B. Ludeke Doug
John C. Martin
Jerry Bob Matthews
Tobe P McCleney
Mike Mitchell
Jack H Moss
Sidney S. Murray
Allan L. Myers Gut
Keith A Myrow
Carl O. Nichols Nick
Marius N. Normand Bud
Wesley L. Oakes Wes
Elwood W Parkhill
James Lloyd Pavlu Jimmy
William Gene Philleaux Bill
John W Phillips
Fred Malcomb Poole
Charles R Pullen
Charles A. Quisenberry
Raymond Rhoden
Norman R. Rhodes Rocky
John F. Richards Jack
Glenn S. Richards
Douglas Neel Richardson
W Wayne Richardson
Charles W Roberts
Richard Steve Robinson Steve
Richard Lewis Roehrig Rick
Martin W. Schmidt Marty
Terry N Smith
Donald R Smith
William Y. Sutherland Bill
James E. Teel
Freddie Trahan
William Edward Trautwein Tupps
Jim S Tromblee
Roy Peyton Turner Bubba
Allan D. Van Slyke Slick
John Ronald Wamble Worm
Eddie N. Warren Squirrel
James Robert Wasson Bob
Stanley Livingston Webb

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