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More Post-Oncologist Information

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By rchurst - Posted on 31 December 2011

For those of you who don’t know what the thymus is (I didn’t!), it’s where T-cells “go to school” to learn how to fend off diseases in your pre-adolescent years. As you mature and reach puberty, the thymus breaks down and absorbs itself into your body. It disappears. Except in a very small handful of people. Some bodies don’t break down the thymus while others - for reasons not yet known - develop a thymus again! Yours truly is in the “grew one again” category. (“Damn Vulcan physiology!” - Dr. McCoy, “Star Trek”) Interestingly, there are only about 400 known cases of thymoma in the U.S.(Lucky me, huh?) It’s not a text book form of cancer but it is a form of cancer and because of its size it needs to be reduced before its surgical removal. I will begin chemotherapy treatments probably the 2nd week of January 2012. This will continue until the doctors believe the tumor is small enough to safely remove surgically. The goal (at this time) is to have it reduced enough in size by the end of March that surgery could happen perhaps in April for its removal. On Friday, Dec. 30 I had day surgery to install a port in my upper right chest in order to more easily admnister the chemotherapy cocktails. Betsy (my wife) told the doctors that it was “imperative” that my port surgery take place ASAP so that I would have plenty of time to recuperate in order to attend the Sam Houston State vs North Dakota State Div. 1 FCS National Championship football game on January 7 with my ATO brothers! (My kids bought 2 tickets for Betsy and me for my Christmas present!) So that has now happened! And one week from today I am looking forward to spending the day with many of you watching our Sam Houston State Bearkats EATEM UP! and win our school’s first outright national championship! As I stated in an earlier entry, I’m not out of the woods yet. But with the love and strength of my ATO Brothers, my family, friends and, above all, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am confident that the end result will be successful! Love & Respect to All My Brothers in Alpha Tau Omega

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