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Lost ATO Brothers

Below is a list of Zeta Mu ATO Alumni for whom we have no email address, postal addresses that are out-of-date or phone numbers that ring & ring. If you know how to contact any of these lost brothers, please do so and send us a valid email address via the Contact Us link.

First Name Middle Name Last Namesort icon Nick Name Class ofsort icon Pledge Class
James R. Adams
John May Allen
Adam Timothy Bailey
Bruce Milam Bang
Reginald Bertrand Beaty Bubba
Jerry Donald Bell
Billy Jim Bennett
Rick L. Bishop
John Calvin Black
Ray R. Brantley
Douglas Shawn Broadrick
Corby Burns
Phillip A. Caldwell Phil
James Warren Chase
John A. Cheshire
Kenneth Wade Clark Wade
David Lee Collier
James Lindon Coone
John Curt Copeland
Louis Robert Deluna
Bobby Lloyd Dockens
George H. Earnest
Craig Dwayne Ellison
Mark Freeman
Brian Jeff Gates
Gary Alan Geick
Keith Thomas Glanz
Randy Roy Gomez
Jerry W. Goodson
Carlo Von Gott
Edwin McNeil Hall
Brian Dale Harlan
Tommy A. Hebert
Rex H. Hoyt
Bobby Joe Hughes
Sherman K. Jones
Tracy Alan Jones
Shane William Keeton
Randall L. Klatt
Ronald P. Klein
John W. Knight
Thomas James Kurowski
Ronald E. Leblanc
DeYo Leonard
William Timothy Long Tim
William Todd Long
Donald Eldon Lonsford
Michael E. Maule
Tommy L. McAfee
Kenneth Craig McDowell
Don A. Middleton
Andrew Paul Mitchell
Andrew D. Moore
Jorey Muckelroy
Michael David Myers
John B. Myers Bubba
Byron P. Patterson
H. M. Pavlik
John Joseph Petrovich
Ronald H. Petty
Raymond Prissovsky Ray
David Phillip Raines
James Matthew Randall
Harold C. Roberts
Travis R. Robertson
Otis Dwane Russ Curley
Curtis Loyd Sadler
Homer W. Sewell Sonny
Jimmie F. Shaw
Spencer R.? Shelton
Stuart Duane Smith
Richard C.? Stone
Ronnie James Sullivan Ronny
Christopher Allen Tate Chris
Stephen B. Taylor
Terry G. Thompson
Claude Hartman Townsend
Vincent E. Turnbaugh
Blake E. Waller
Mickey W. White Mickey
Thomas Earl Wilkins
Son, M.D. Williams
Lamar Ashton Wilson Whip
Sam Houston Winn
Reed Keating Woodcox
Clay Sanford Wright
John D. Youngblood

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